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Playing on Dr. White’s former NFL career, the White Ortho All Stars is a kids club for young ones who may not be ready for full ortho treatment. Dr. White observes things over time (usually every 12 months) and offers expert recommendations like what a future treatment plan would entail and when would be an ideal time to start. Since permanent teeth start to make appearances around age 7, it’s appropriate to check for any orthodontic problems while development is still in the early stages. Sometimes, interceptive treatment (also known as “Phase 1”) is prescribed. More about that here. Our goal: to make this the most fun doctor’s appointment your child has ever experienced!


An all-star is a member of an all-star team. An all-star is an outstanding, highly-regarded performer on a team of star performers.
Welcome to the White Ortho All-Stars!


A true freshman is a college athlete who competes in games beginning in his or her freshman academic year. Competitively, true freshmen are rare and draw a lot of attention from the fans and the media.
You may be young, but you’ve got what it takes. Keep working hard!


This term describes a receiver who keeps his arms close to his body when anticipating a tackle or hit from a defensive player. He may miss the catch. With his arms close to his body, the player’s arms appear to be too short for his body and resemble those of an alligator.

Hey, sometimes the timing just isn’t right…but it’s still good to be ready.


A bomb is a long, high-arcing pass in a football game. For example: Manning throws a long bomb to White down the right side of the field and he catches the ball, running it in for an 80-yard touchdown.

This bomb is super cool. You are also super cool. You are the bomb.


It’s a common phrase used in football when the team decides to try to get the remaining yardage in hopes of gaining an advantage over their opponent.

When you’re THAT close, you don’t let anything hold you back.


This is an intense game with rough play throughout, or a powerful collision between two players. Spit (or slobber) may fly as a result of such a hard hit.

Sometimes the road is a little bumpy (think: molars stubbornly erupting or impacted canines). Hang tight. As they say, Guts bring glory. Pain brings gain.


A long snapper plays center and is an expert in long, accurate snaps for punts and field goals. Because of the level of difficulty with this type of snap, this player comes in the game only for punt and field goal formations.

We’re all responsible for certain things. Work hard, be humble, stay curious.


A draft is a process used to allocate certain players to sports teams. In a draft, teams take turns selecting from a pool of eligible players. Each team wants to be the best in the league.

Basically, White Ortho wants to have the best team around. We want YOU!