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At White Orthodontics, your initial consultation is complimentary. We don’t even charge for records if they’re needed! This is your chance to learn more about how orthodontics can help you achieve your best, most healthy smile.
  • Our Treatment Coordinator gives you a friendly welcome & quick VIP tour
  • You see a 3D simulation of your teeth (it’s pretty cool!)
  • We review & discuss your dental history & prioritize any concerns
  • Dr. White takes a peek at your teeth
  • You get a treatment plan customized to your needs
  • You get a financial plan that works for you
  • You have the option to start!


When you choose to move forward with treatment at White Ortho, we’ll all do a happy-dance, because we’re so excited to be able to give you the best treatment!
  • You decide which treatment option (Invisalign®, braces, etc.) is the best fit for your lifestyle
  • We review the contract & financial agreement
  • We all high-five Dr. White 😉
  • We schedule your next appointment
  • You feel confident that you made the right decision!


The fun begins! Our treatment is designed to work around-the-clock, but it needs special help to stay on the right course. Keeping the appointment schedule set by Dr. White is important! Appointments are typically every 12-16 weeks with clear aligners (but even less often when using Dental Monitoring) and 5-7 weeks with braces. We understand that doctor appointments can be inconvenient when juggling work & school & extracurriculars, so we try to combine family appointments when possible to fit busy lifestyles. Appointment breakdown: Clear Aligners (20-30 minutes)
  • We check the fit of the aligners and ensure that the teeth are tracking properly
  • Attachments may be placed, repositioned, or removed
  • We may take progress photos
  • We deliver additional aligners
Conventional Brackets (30-40 minutes)
  • We remove the colored ties & wires on the braces, then let you give your teeth a good brushing
  • We make adjustments to the brackets and wires
  • You pick new tie colors


Orthodontic treatment is teamwork. It involves the doctor & YOU. There are several steps you can take to ensure the best & quickest route to your beautiful, healthy smile:
  • Keep Regular Appointments
Sticking to Dr. White’s recommended schedule ensures the fastest treatment time.
  • Take Good Care
Brushing & flossing is very important during orthodontic treatment. While Invisalign’s® clear aligners can be used to get a beautiful smile, it is extremely important to properly care for them to avoid undesired results. The same goes for braces! We don’t want to see permanent stains when those brackets come off (& trust us, neither do you!). Dr. White takes this part of treatment seriously & requires commitments from patients & parents to avoid those undesired results. He & the team will give you all the tools necessary & give regular updates on how you are progressing.
  • Watch What You Eat
Invisalign® offers quite an advantage when it comes to food. Nothing is off limits! Braces, on the other hand, require careful decisions. Tooth movement is best achieved when brackets & buttons are attached to the teeth, so sticking to a braces-friendly diet will ensure less emergencies & uninterrupted treatment.


Absolutely amazing! We thought we were celebrities- we have never been treated or made so comfortable at any place like this. They use cutting-edge technology and make you feel as if you are the only patients they have. We were simply blown away by their compassion and passion for what they do.
Quinton H.
Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr. White is personable and my daughter who normally has high anxiety with doctors was immediately at ease.

Tanya B.
I cannot say enough great things about Dr. White and his staff! Our son was 9 when he needed braces. Dr. White and his staff made him feel very comfortable during every procedure he needed. Logan was especially thrilled that Dr. White played football for MSU and caught passes in the NFL from Peyton Manning. We are very thankful that Dr. White chose to work in his hometown and help those in Saginaw County as an orthodontist. We highly recommend White Orthodontics to everyone who wants to be treated like family and who wants their teeth to look absolutely beautiful!
Dean M.
The entire team at White Orthodontics was amazing! They made us feel so comfortable right away. They laid out our options and we did not feel pressured either way. Highly recommend.
Kenny A.
We love Dr White and his entire team!! Excellent care and customer service that continues to exceed our expectations. Highly recommend this office.
Jennifer B.
Very happy with my experience so far at White Orthodontics! The staff is very friendly and they make you feel right at home. As a student in college, White Orthodontics has been very accommodating when scheduling appointments and creating payment plans. I highly suggest coming here for any orthodontic needs!
Adrianne B.
Wow! What an amazing first experience. The office is beautiful with a delicious, well stocked coffee/tea bar and gorgeous waiting area. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and really took the time to get to know me as a patient. Dr. White and his assistant, Teresa, are extremely personable and helped me to understand the Invisalign process. I look forward to seeing the progress my teeth with make with their expertise. Highly recommend!
Kellie W.
Everyone is so friendly—I loved meeting the staff! I also appreciate the thorough and informative process of learning my options and the up-to-date technology used to determine my treatment. And affordable! My insurance will only cover minors, so White Orthodontics worked out a payment plan that works great for my budget. I am excited to see my new smile!
Bethany F.
Great service. Personalized to each patient’s needs which is wonderful for an over 50-year old person like myself!
Peggy M.
Great service. Personalized to each patient’s needs which is wonderful for an over 50-year old person like myself!
Emma P.