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Dr. White & the team at White Orthodontics care about establishing personal connections while creating value for everyone. With that framework in mind, we are excited to provide Dental Monitoring to our patients. What is Dental Monitoring (DM) & how can it improve your treatment at White Orthodontics? DM has the potential to accelerate treatment by helping Dr. White closely assess our patients’ progress. It uses the most advanced technology to create the most advanced & innovative treatment management system in orthodontics. Think: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MEETS ORTHODONTICS. With DM’s easy-to-use app for iOS & Android, our Invisalign® patients get personalized push notifications with specific instructions related to their treatment & take progress photos with a ScanBox on a regular basis. With photo monitoring, our aligner patients are closely (yet remotely) followed by Dr. White & our DM coach using the HIPAA-encrypted DM platform. Deep learning algorithms & quantitative analysis map out tooth movement & predict more than 170 different clinical situations, making detections that are validated by certified dental practitioners & allowing Dr. White to manage our patients’ treatment more conveniently, more effectively, & more efficiently. DM’s communication system also allows personalized texts & emails from our orthodontist to our patients & their parents (such as words of praise, customized aligner instructions, or ways to improve oral hygiene or increase elastic wear).