Quick Digital Scans, Outdoor Games, Music, Tropical Smoothie, Apple Airpods Giveaway

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Our 5th annual Mouthguard Clinic is Thursday, July 27 from 8am-1pm. Each year, we've provided the young athletes in our community with a custom mouthguard on the day of our event. Every year it's free, and every year we have something new! This year, we've made some significant changes--so please read on to know what to expect!

How we're running it this year (and why).

IMPORTANT: Custom mouthguards cannot be made for kids in active ortho treatment (braces or Invisalign), since their teeth are constantly on-the-move!

We've partnered with a fantastic company, Mouthguard Club, to streamline our mouthguard-making process and to give our young athletes an exceptional product. This was especially important this year, since our lab technician is leaving soon to continue his dental schooling in Chicago (all the best, Will!). Check out Mouthguard Club here.

The first 100 people to physically sign in at White Ortho's front desk (1800 Midland Rd, Saginaw) will receive a custom black mouthguard and case for free (value $49). We are running things on a first-come, first-served basis. After the first 100 people, we will provide the mouthguards at-cost ($30). Payment must be received before the digital scan to process the order. Payments can be made online here. We will continue to provide custom mouthguards at-cost to people who cannot attend our event but would still like a mouthguard for their child(ren). Mouthguards will be available for pickup 2 weeks after the event (August 10).

A mouthguard release form MUST be submitted prior to getting the digital scan. It's super easy! Click here for the digital form.

We are planning to have some fun extras again for athletes and their families (indoors and out!), including our photo contest for a chance to win Apple AirPods.

Quick Digital Scans, Outdoor Games, Music, Tropical Smoothie, Apple Airpods Giveaway