Invisalign Doesn’t Work for Everyone

Why do some dentists and orthodontists have different opinions about the effectiveness of Invisalign’s clear aligners?

Let’s begin with this: Invisalign is an indisputably powerful tool. Align Technology (makers of Invisalign) has had brilliant minds researching, innovating, and developing for many years now. Their advanced clinical software has insane capabilities, and they’ve tested over 260 different materials to engineer the most comfortable, controlled, and customized aligners on the market. Over 9 million smiles have been transformed using Invisalign. You can see some of those smiles here: How Invisalign Works

Even though it’s powerful, a tool’s capabilities are only fully realized when in the most experienced hands. Invisalign’s ClinCheck software is essentially a 3D animated treatment plan with algorithms to calculate tooth movement. The doctor customizes the ClinCheck treatment plan further, mapping out tooth movements from start to finish, adjusting and fine-tuning as necessary (we’re not just going to “slap on some Invisalign and call it a day”—yep, we’ve heard that phrase!). A hands-on doctor is also what sets the Invisalign brand apart from many direct-to-consumer brands. Both dentists and orthodontists can prescribe Invisalign treatment, but their level of experience matters (especially for those more complicated “I’m not a candidate” or “It won’t work for me” cases). Invisalign makes it easy to differentiate with their tiered system for doctors, which is based on the number of cases they treat in a 6-month period. Bottom line: The doctor you choose matters. Invisalign treatment is not the same at every office.

As with any tool, Invisalign requires proper care. Similar to braces, there are things that both help and hinder treatment, and the effectiveness depends upon the user’s level of compliance with the instruction manual. Simply put, Invisalign will not work for people who don’t wear it, no-show their scheduled appointments, or ignore their expert’s advice.

The best way to find out if Invisalign is the best option for you or for your child is to schedule a consultation with the best Invisalign doctor in your area (shameless plug: if you’re near Saginaw, Michigan, White Orthodontics is just the place!).