Beauty & the Teeth

There is something inherently beautiful about a smile, no matter how a person’s teeth look. Smiling conveys happiness. And is there anything more attractive than happiness?
But how does your smile make you feel?
A beautiful smile has many social, psychological, and health benefits. Here are just three ways beautiful teeth can influence your life:

You’ll actually want to smile.

And that smile will create a memorable impression. Whether you’re interviewing for a job, attending an event, going out with friends, or meeting someone for the first time (on Zoom or the old-fashioned way), having a smile you’re proud of provides an amazing boost of self-confidence in social settings and also communicates your confidence to others. People are naturally drawn to smiling faces.

You’ll get an instant mood boost.

Research shows that when you smile (whether it’s real or forced), feel-good endorphins are released in your brain. Your blood pressure will lower. Cortisol, the stress hormone, decreases. If you want to feel better instantly, SMILE. Added bonus: smiling makes others feel better. So spread that happiness! We all need MORE OF IT.

You’ll be more engaged with others.

When you’re not self-conscious about your teeth, you’ll feel more comfortable in social situations. You’ll be able to laugh naturally, smile bigger, talk more clearly, and even focus more intently on others during conversations.
Inner beauty is of the utmost importance, but appearances do matter. For most of us, it’s just easier to feel better when we look better. A beautiful smile is not guaranteed to change your life, but it can be life-changing to have a beautiful smile!