New Patients

What to Expect

At White Orthodontics, consultations are complimentary! This is your chance to learn more about how orthodontics can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Here is what you can expect at your first appointment:

  • A quick review of your medical and dental history
  • A digital scan with our iTero, which creates a 3D simulation of your teeth (it’s so cool!)
  • A complete oral exam (x-rays and photos if necessary)
  • A discussion addressing your concerns and desires in order to customize a treatment plan that’s best for you
  • A short financial presentation where we discuss our interest-free financing and flexible payment plans, as well as incentives like paid-in-full or family discount
Wait, what about the consultation (review of your case by Dr. White to determine best treatment rstand that scheduling appointments around work and school is difficult, that is w
We understand that scheduling appointments around work and school can present challenges, so we try to help! In addition to providing convenient office hours, we do our best to combine family appointments when possible. When you choose to move forward with treatment at White Orthodontics, your next steps will be to:

  • Review the treatment plan
  • Sign the agreements
  • Provide a down payment
  • Schedule your next appointment
The fun begins! Our treatment is set up to work around-the-clock, but it needs adjustments to ensure it stays in the right direction. This means we get to see you about every 4-6 weeks with braces and 12-15 weeks with clear aligners. Usually these adjustment appointments are fairly quick.
Appointment breakdown:

Clear Aligners (15-30 minutes)

  • Take progress photos
  • Check contact points between the teeth
  • Deliver additional aligners or scan for a refinement
  • Schedule an appointment

Conventional Brackets (30-40 minutes)

  • Remove the colored or clear ties on the braces
  • Make adjustments to the wires or brackets
  • Retie with new colors (be as creative or as discreet as you want!)
  • Set up your next appointment
Orthodontic treatment is teamwork. It involves the doctor and YOU. There are several steps you can take to ensure the best and fastest route to your beautiful smile:

  1. Maintain appointments. In order to achieve the best and fastest outcome, please prioritize your recommended schedule. That being said, we do understand that life is unpredictable, and we are happy to reschedule appointments when a scheduling conflict or emergency arises.
  2. Clean up. Brushing and flossing is SUPER important during orthodontic treatment. While clear aligners and braces can be used to get beautiful results, it is necessary to properly care for the appliances and your teeth to avoid undesired outcomes such as staining. Dr. White takes this part of treatment extremely seriously and encourages compliance from patients and parents to be sure those unfortunate consequences are avoided. Our staff will give you all the tools necessary and provide regular dental hygiene updates.
  3. Diet. Clear aligners offer quite an advantage when it comes to food. If there is any pressure (likely just the first day that you switch aligners), you may want to avoid biting into anything hard. Braces, on the other hand, require careful attention involving the restriction of certain types of food. The key to moving teeth is keeping braces and buttons attached. Sticking to a braces-friendly diet will ensure less emergencies and ultimately–uninterrupted treatment.


The cost of your orthodontic treatment will vary depending on your individual treatment needs and which treatment plan you choose. At our complimentary initial consultation the doctor will complete a full examination to assess your individual needs and smile vision. The staff will then work with you to find a payment plan that is flexible and meets your budget.
Flexible Payment Plans
Our team will work with you to understand your full insurance benefits. As a courtesy for our patients, we will assist in submitting the necessary paperwork to your insurance company. Even before your first consultation you may contact your insurance provider and find out your personal lifetime benefit. Our staff is always available to help with any insurance questions.
Hassle-free Payments
After a one time down payment, you may elect which day of the month you choose to have automatic payments withdrawn for your individualized payment plan.

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